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11 juin 2018

BPC DIXMUDE Mission Jeanne d'Arc 2018 Jakarta Indonésie Surabaya

BPC DIXMUDE Mission Jeanne d'Arc 2018

Du 4 au 9 mai, le groupe Jeanne d’Arc composé du Bâtiment de projection et de commandement Dixmude et de la frégate Surcouf ont participé à l’exercice multinational Komodo organisé par l’Indonésie. 43 nations, 37 navires, 30 aéronefs participaient à cet exercice d’entraînement à la réponse à une catastrophe humanitaire.

L’exercice a pour but de renforcer les mécanismes et les synergies de coopération régionales en cas de catastrophe humanitaire liée par exemple à une catastrophe naturelle.

Décembre 2004 

LE PH Jeanne d'Arc est détourné vers Meulaboh, l'Indonésie vient d'être victime d'un tsunami. Des accords de coopérations sont signés entre le Président Hollande et le Président Joko Midodo. Ce passage en Indonésie participe de ces accords 
Mission Jeanne d'Arc 2004/2005 Mission Bérix 
French Naval Training Group “Jeanne d’Arc” in Indonesian Archipelago for a weekslong presence and major exercise KOMODO

France and Indonesia have enjoyed a long standing relationship in the field of defence with the both nations contributing to the global and regional peace and stability. Defence cooperation falls out into a Strategic dialogue (the Indonesia-France Defence Dialogue, held every year), armament cooperation and concrete military cooperation. Our forces stand together in UN Peace Keeping Operations in the Middle-East and Africa, our military exchange know-how and regularly meet on land and at sea.

The countries’ respective Navies, France’s “Marine Nationale” and “Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut” also take their share of this joint endeavor. France and Indonesia indeed share a mutual interest in safeguarding sea traffic and freedom of navigation in compliance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Since President Joko Widodo and François Hollande issued a joint statement on Maritime cooperation on March 29th 2017, naval interactions have been steadily increasing with port visits (the latest being in Surabaya and Jayapura), exercises at sea and training and education programmes (in naval artillery, cartography, hydrography). Among the latter, The French Mission “Jeanne d’Arc”, a French Navy sea training mission carried out by a task group of two units, opens a position for an Indonesian cadet every second year. This year will see the deployment of one amphibious assault and command ship, Dixmude, with her escort, the stealth destroyer Surcouf.

For the second year in a row, the “Jeanne d’Arc” training group will be sailing the Southeast Asian seas. Year 2018 will see an unprecedented series of port visits in Indonesia with two stopovers in Jakarta and Bali, continued with the participation of the training group in Indonesia’s bi-yearly major multinational exercise “KOMODO”, in Lombok, with a focus on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR). This field of operations has been a continued subject of cooperation between France and Indonesia.

Most notably, the French mission Jeanne d’Arc participated, in the framework of operation “Beryx” in 2005, which mobilized three major naval units, about a dozen helicopters and one maritime patrol aircraft from the French Navy. Many French Naval officers took part in this operation, among them then commander, now Rear-Admiral Denis Bertrand, commander French joint forces for the Pacific, who will participate in the Komodo exercise in the coming weeks. Indonesian observers will also join the French major HADR exercise “Southern Cross 2018”, with a view to possibly become full participants as soon as in the next edition.

Photos Philip Plisson 


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